Unlock the potential of bookmarks

Get the most out of your bookmarks by organizing, sorting, and browsing them like files on your desktop.

Bookmark OS is exactly what I was looking for: an ad-free, browser-based bookmarking service with excellent support to boot. It won me over with its clean design and solid functionality.



I've literally tried every bookmark manager out there and Bookmark OS is the best! I use it every day. Thank you!!



Amazing, this site has changed the way I use the web. Can't imagine surfing the net without it now.



Web browsers

Any web browser

Bookmark OS is a responsive website. Use it on your laptop, phone, or tablet.

Icons screenshot

Visualize your bookmarks

It's easier to find a bookmark by visualizing where it is versus having to guess with search or tags. It also makes browsing much easier, 'Oh yea, I remember that hilarious gif of a tiny pug in a unicorn costume!'


Sort your bookmarks

Can't find a bookmark you opened last week? Click 'View all' and sort by last opened. Or maybe you remember a bookmark's site but not the exact name? Sort by domain. Sorting gives you new and powerful ways to organize your bookmarks.


Filter with tags

An active tag will filter any view that you are in. For example, you could enable a 'to read' tag, perform a search and it would only search bookmarks tagged with 'to read.' Tags also apply to nested folders, so if a tag is active, only folders that contain a bookmark with that tag will show.

Folder collaboration

Use cases include sharing resources for work, a teacher sharing resources with his/her students, or sharing recipes with friends. Once you invite others to your folder, any updates made to it will be automatically synced.

Cloud lock

Safe and secure

Bookmark OS uses a robust backup plan, keeping your bookmarks safe and secure in the cloud. Never worry about losing them again.

But wait, there's more!

  • Search is robust and shows results in real time as you type
  • Easily create bookmarks with browser extensions and the bookmarklet
  • Import your bookmarks from any service
  • Importing finds dead links and marks them with a caution icon
  • Custom sorting allows you to re-arrange a folder's order
  • Drag and drop supports moving multiple items at a time
  • Fix duplicates with the duplicate resolver
  • An 'undo' action is available for any unwanted moves
  • There are tons of new features to come!