Frequently Asked Questions

If I pay, does that include future updates?
Yes! Bookmark OS is constantly adding new features and you will benefit from them automatically.
What do you use for credit card processing?
We process credit cards with Stripe. Your credit card never touches our servers, so it's super safe.
Can I import my bookmarks from other services?
Yes! You can import from any of the major services. Importing is located in Settings here: Import bookmarks
Can I export my bookmarks?
Yes! You can easily export your bookmarks to the html file that can be imported elsewhere (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc.). You can also sync a backup of this exported html file with Dropbox
Why do only a few of my imported bookmarks have screenshot icons?
Bookmark OS only gets screenshots for imported bookmarks if you have Pro. For the few that have screenshots, this means that someone else bookmarked this same url and it now has a screenshot icon.
Can you tell me more about the AI powered folder suggestions? How does that work?
The folder suggestions use machine learning and natural language processing to learn the bookmark content inside your folders. When you save a new bookmark, it extracts what it thinks the bookmark is about and checks to see if it matches the content of any existing folders to give you suggestions. It may take over an hour to learn the folder content of an import, so please be patient if you have imported and are not seeing folder suggestions immediately.
Is there a way to get rid of duplicates?
Yes! You can git rid of duplicates using the duplicate resolver here: Duplicate resolver
Can I export my bookmarks to an HTML file?
Yes! You can export your bookmarks at any time. Exporting is located in Settings here: Export bookmarks
What's the best way to add new bookmarks?
If you are using Chrome or Firefox, use the extension, otherwise the bookmarklet. Click here for instructions on how to do that.
Are my bookmarks/todos/notes/files public or visible in any way?
No, all items are private by default. The only way they become public is when you make a folder public to share it. Any items within a public folder become public.
Is there a Chrome/Safari/Firefox/IE extension?
Currently there are Chrome and Firefox extensions. For other browsers, the bookmarklet extensions works just as well. Click here to check it out on the tools page.
Can I sync my backup with Dropbox?
Yep! With Pro you can enable a sync that will copy the HTML backup file (from exporting your bookmarks) to Dropbox on a weekly basis (every Sunday). With this feature you will have a recent backup of your bookmarks at all times. Specifically, the sync will copy the backup to the 'Apps/Bookmark OS' folder in Dropbox.
Is there a way to sync Bookmark OS with my browser bookmarks?
Currently syncing with your browser bookmarks is not available, but the power of Bookmark OS lies in the fact that it is a website. All your bookmarks live in the cloud, so you can access your bookmarks from anywhere: any device and any browser.
Is it possible to get a refund for Pro?
Yes, there is a 3 day refund grace period. Email us at within 3 days of paying and we will fully refund you.
Is an app available?
There is currently not an app available, but Bookmark OS is completely responsive and the website works on any mobile device. You can add the app icon to your mobile home screen and use it just like a native app! We also have the ability to save a bookmark by email allowing you to utilize the, "share url by email" feature on your phone for simple saving.
What if I have another question?
Click here for the contact page. Your question will be answered as soon as possible!