Online desktop for organizing
your digital life

Easily manage your bookmarks, to-dos, and notes, all in one elegant, customizable desktop.

Staying organized is hard

Using multiple apps is cumbersome and they all get cluttered over time.

Unorganized digital life

馃殌 Turbo boost your producitivy

With Bookmark OS everything you need to stay organized and productive is in one place.

1. Bookmark manager

Organize, sort, and browse your bookmarks just like files on your desktop.

Bookmark manager
  • AI powered folder suggestions:save bookmarks to the right folder with one click.
  • Visual bookmark icons:web page screenshots are used as icons, giving you a useful way to visualize your bookmarks.
  • Dropbox backup:Sync a a backup copy of your bookmarks to Dropbox on weekly basis.
  • Preserve web pages:UpcomingSave a full-text searchable copy of your bookmarks so you will never lose it.
  • Session folders:save all current tabs from one session to a folder.
  • Custom images:select an image as a bookmark icon. Perfect for recipes and products.
  • Duplicate finder:Quickly delete any duplicate bookmarks.
  • IFTTT integration:UpcomingConnect other apps to save bookmarks.

2. Task manager

By keeping to-dos alongsize bookmarks, notes, and relevant files, you'll be able to tackle projects with ease.

Task manager
  • Nested tasks:easily drag and drop your tasks under other tasks for better organization.
  • Quick find:search tasks and to-do lists in one simple search with autocomplete.
  • Task comments:easily add more info to your individual tasks.
  • Due dates:select due dates down to the hour.
  • Inbox:see any overdue tasks and manage general tasks with your Inbox.
  • Reminders:Upcomingget email, SMS, or browser notifications for upcoming tasks.

3. Note taking

Create one-off notes just like documents on your desktop and search everything in one place.

Note taking
  • Web clipper:paste content copied from web pages to preserve them.
  • Tables:flexible tables allow you to organize structured data.
  • Smart links:easily edit link titles and hrefs with a click.
  • Flexible images:images can be easily resized and floated.

Stay organized

Personal productivity zen

A desktop is still the best way to organize our files, why not our digital lives?

Tag filters
Tags are filters
If a tag filter is active, only folders that have a tagged item nested inside will show.
Drag and drop
Drag and drop items
Everything feels like your desktop: drag and drop, drag to highlight items, right-click for a context menu, hold shift and click to highlight a range, sort items etc.
Keyboard shortcuts
Keyboard shortcuts
Quickly navigate with keyboard shortcuts for better productivity.
Upload files
Upload files
Easily drag and drop files from your computer. Keep necessary files all in the same place.