Tips & tricks

Find last opened item
View the last opened item by clicking, "All" and sorting by last opened.
Parent folders of current folder
You can quickly access the parent folders of the current folder by clicking on the folder icon at the very top and center (next to the current folders name).
Quickly open with highlight keyboard shortcut
If you know the name of an item you can quickly open it by pressing the letter, "H" for highlight and then typing the name. Once the item is highlighted, wait 1 second and then press the letter, "O" or the enter key.
Recent starred items
View all the items you have starred in the last month by clicking the star icon () then enable the, "Last month" time filter (click the clock icon in the left panel next to tags), then click, "All."
Leverage tags and folders
If a tag is active, only folders that have a tagged item nested inside will show. This allows you to leverage the power of tags and folders together. For example, you could use a general 'to read' tag and organize them all in different folders.
Folder collaboration
Let's say you are in a class and want to be able to share resources or you want to share recipes with your friends. You can easily do this by collaborating on a folder. Whatever you add or delete from this shared folder will be reflected in everyones copy of the folder. To collaborate on a folder, right-click the folder and select, "Share" and then select, "Invite people to collaborate by email."
Clip just part of a website
To clip part of a website, highlight it, copy it, and paste it into a note. Bookmark OS will try and preserve the formatting and style of your clip so that it looks the same as the webpage. As an example, you could copy and paste the ingredients and instructions from a recipe to preserve it in case the website goes away.
Narrow search results by domain
Narrow down search results by including the domain in your search query. For example, if you wanted to find all chicken recipes on, you could search for, "chicken epicurious."
Select a lot of items at once
If the items you want to select are not all visible on the screen at once, you can select them all by holding shift and clicking on the bottom most item. This will select all items starting from the top to where you click.
Open multiple bookmarks at once
You can open multiple bookmarks into new tabs all at once by highlighting the bookmarks, right-clicking, and selecting, "Open in new tab."
Delete broken imported bookmarks
If you are importing bookmarks, chances are that you will have some old bookmarks that no longer work. Either the content is no longer available or the website itself is gone. Bookmark OS has the option to ping these bookmarks and find their current status which will allow you to easily clear them out. To do this you need to import bookmarks and check the, "Send requests to these bookmarks and get screenshots" checkbox. Then in 2 days you will receive an email if you have any broken bookmarks. The following tags will be added to your broken bookmarks, "not loading" and "not found" which will allow you to easily delete them.