21 best Zulu alternatives in 2024

Zulu is a bookmark manager with the following features: drag and drop, tab management, folder sharing, bookmark icons/images, dark mode.

Here are some great alternatives.

Bookmark OS is like Mac and Windows for bookmarks. It gives an intuitive and powerful interface for organizing your bookmarks.
Save your bookmarks in a visual card-based fashion similar to Pinterest. Has social sharing features built in.
Clipix is like a cross between a start page and Pinterest. The layout is very similar to Pinterest but you can bookmark more than just images.
Deskyo lets you save, import, classify, manage, access and find your bookmarks very quickly. It is meant to look like your desktop and has icons and folders.
ChannelKit is a way to organize your bookmarks, notes, images, and contacts in a visual card-like layout. You can create different "channels" which are like categories for better organization.
Klart is self-titled, "Bookmarking for Designers" and lets you save screenshots of any website and organize them as bigger cards in a grid with tags.
Collect.io is an open sourced bookmark manager that will let you save your bookmark info on the backup option of your choice. It is still in development.
Sqworl is a visual bookmark manager that uses screenshots as large icons in a grid. It is geared towards educators.
GGather is a bookmark manager with a great UI. It allows you to view your bookmarks as lists, grids, or Pinterest-like cards.
Openoox uses a card-like layout for managing your bookmarks and is available on desktop, mobile, and tablet.
Bookmax is an online bookmark manager that offers a list view and folder tree that is similar to Mac and Windows.
Raindrop.io is a bookmark manager that behaves as a single page app. It allows you to drag and drop, change icons, and sort your bookmarks.
Hypershoot captures full page screenshots of the web pages that user's bookmark and organizes them in a grid.
Dropmark is a visual way to organize links and is optimized for designers. It also has team collaboration features.
Moodboard is an open source visual bookmark manager. You can clone the repository on Github and host it on your own website.
Bookmarkme is another visual way to organize your bookmarks using a card-like manner. It also supports tags, collaboration, and reminders.
Clipd.io is essentially a moodboard for bookmarks that supports tags and full text search.
Prism uses large web page screenshots as bookmarks and allows for users to collaborate.
Bublup allows you to save bookmarks, files, and notes in folders with pictures on them. Bublup also has folder sharing and collaboration.
Bkmark gives you a nice layout for organizing your bookmarks with multiple layout options.
Collect allows you to organize links and images visually into boards. Has sharing and collaboration.