24 best MyMark.me alternatives in 2024

MyMark.me is a bookmark manager with the following features: standalone notes, drag and drop, mobile and tablet support, to-do lists.

Here are some great alternatives.

Visual bookmark organizer on your browser's homepage. A Start page that is similar to having post it notes on your desktop.
Symbaloo is a start page that allows you to organize links in a gridded tile-like fashion. It allows you to choose an icon for the tile. These tiles can be re-arranged but there are no folders.
Cling has a layout that is similar to a start page but is slightly different in that the panels have lists of items. These items can also be notes, bookmarks, to-dos, and files.
This bookmark manager runs on the Nextcloud file backup provider which is similar to Dropbox but is self-hosted. The bookmark manager saves your bookmarks to your Nextcloud instance.
LinkEmu is a startpage based bookmark manager that also allows you to save to-do lists.
Lasso is a bookmark manager that let's you save bookmarks as cards similar to Pinterest. You can also change to different views such as grid and list and sort as well.
Clipping mini let's you save bookmarks as cards that have screenshots which let's you organize them visually.
Pearltrees is similar to other card based visual bookmark managers such as Clipping Mini and Lasso. It allows you to organize bookmarks in a grid with screenshots.
Organize your bookmarks on boards/cards that are similar to other visual based bookmark managers. This bookmark manager has one lever deep folders to help with organization.
Tuxio has a start page feel that has visual icons but also let's you add to-dos, files, and wikis as well.
Starpage is a traditional and fully featured start page with widgets. You can organize bookmarks along with widgets such as weather and news.
Bookmark Ninja has a start page type layout and allows you to add categories, drag and drop, and use different column layouts.
Atavi is a start page based bookmark manager that also has a search engine input which you can change to the search engine of your choice.
Curabase is a simple start page that is team oriented.
Bookmarkee organizes your bookmarks all on one page like other Start pages.
Booky.io is a mobile optimized bookmark page with a start page layout with categories. You can also add colors to the categories.
Homepage Ninja is a start page that uses small colored icons as bookmarks on a grid and allows for organizing with drag and drop. It also supports to-do lists.
Wibki is a start page that structures your links as panels in a grid using website logos. The site is also mobile optimized.
Draggo allows you to organize your bookmarks in blocks like other start pages and uses favicons for visual aid.
Skloog is a basic start page that organizes links as squares in a grid with site icons.
Papaly is a well designed start page that uses favicons as bookmark images.
MONKNOW is an easy-to-use start page for each new tab that shows bookmarks in a grid with logos.
Infinity new tab is a start page with circle like icons. It has a nice visual appeal and let's you choose your own search engine.
iCrumz offers a basic start page that uses web page favicons as icons.