Bookmark managers with web page archiving is a bookmark manager that behaves as a single page app. It allows you to drag and drop, change icons, and sort your bookmarks.
Scrible is a bookmarking tool for educators. It allows you to annotate web pages and share.
The Evernote web clipper let's you save parts of a web page to Evernote where you can organize the clippings in a list-based UI with tags.
Diigo allows users to annotate and highlight web pages and organizes everything in a list-based format.
Crestify provides a list based user interface for viewing your bookmarks and supports tags and search.
Conifer is an open source bookmark archiving service that allows you to preserve web pages and the actions you took when viewing them.
Organize your bookmarks on boards/cards that are similar to other visual based bookmark managers. This bookmark manager has one lever deep folders to help with organization.
Starpage is a traditional and fully featured start page with widgets. You can organize bookmarks along with widgets such as weather and news.
Historious gives you full-text search for any web pages that you save and also gives you the option to save a cached version of the web page.
Pinboard is a simple tag based bookmark manager. It's appeal lies in its focus on speed and minimal design.
LinkAce is a self-hosted bookmark manager with a list-based user interface. Other features include tags and notes.
Wallabag is a read it later app for bookmarking articles and works on every device similar to Pocket.
Instapaper is an app that helps you read articles later by stripping out everything except the relevant text that you want to read.
Zotero bills itself as your personal research assistant. It allows you to add citations and organize bookmarks in a list-based style.
Stache provides you with a visual interface for bookmark management that includes screenshots. It also has full search and archiving functionality. is similar to wayback machine in that it preserves your bookmarks in case the website goes away.