Latest updates

File uploads
You can now upload files with a simple drag and drop!Upload files
✅ Task manager
Bookmark OS now has a built-in task manager, giving you everything you need to tackle projects all in one place!Task manager
Faster search 🔍 ⚡
Search has been greatly improved. Long queries are now 10x faster and queries are much faster in general!
Folder icons
You can now add emoji icons to folders for more visual aid 👍. In order to add an icon to a folder click, "Add icon" when creating or editing a folder.Folder icons look like the following and work on tablets and mobile:
Desktop backgrounds
A heavily requested feature has been the ability to change the desktop background and we are happy to announce that this is finally ready. You can now change your desktop background by going into settings and clicking, "Change desktop background." This will pull up a selection of beautiful images from Unsplash which you can use as your desktop.
Mobile sidebar
The left panel is now available on mobile and tablets giving you the ability to use tags and time filters in more places.
Managing browser tabs with session folders

A "session" folders feature is now available which will make it easier to manager browser tabs. If you have a number of tabs that you frequently open together you can now save to them all to a "session" folder. When you open a "session" folder, it will open all the bookmarks inside it. You can organize bookmarks inside a "session" folder just like other folders.

To create a session folder, click the, "Save tabs" button in the bottom right of the "Save to Bookmark OS" extension:

You will then be able to remove individual tabs from the session:

Custom images for bookmarks

Sometimes selecting an image from a bookmark is better than using a screenshot. For example, when bookmarking a recipe or a product it can be better to use an image of the actual recipe and product as an icon instead of a screenshot. You can now do exactly this by clicking, "Change image" when saving a bookmark. Here are some example recipe bookmarks:

Customizing icon size and spacing

You can now customize the icon size, icon spacing, and font size of icons in each folder. You can also apply any specific settings to all folders if you want. You can access icon customization in settings.

Changing list view columns

This new feature allows you to rearrange columns in list view. You can change the order of the columns and hide/show them individually.