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over 3 years ago
Time filters

Time filters are a new feature that will allow you to filter all your items by periods of time. For example, if you just want to see items created in the last week, you can enable the, "Last week" filter. Time filters work like tags, so it will only show folders that have an item created within the time period inside.

almost 4 years ago
Favicons in list view

Favicons are now used as the default icon in list view. Since list view icons are small, favicons offer an easier way to identify a bookmark.

4 years ago
AI powered folder suggestions

This is a great feature that we are really excited about. Now when you save a new bookmark, Bookmark OS will use artificial intelligence to try and predict the folder you are going to save to. It has the potential to save you time and make it even easier to save bookmarks and keep them organized.

over 4 years ago
Keyboard shortcuts

Now you can navigate Bookmark OS with speed and gusto using keyboard shortcuts. Anything you can do in Bookmark OS you can do using keyboard shortcuts. There is also a highlight feature where you can type the letter "h" and then type the name of the item you are looking for and it will automically highlight it. You can then press "o" or "enter" to open the item.

Click here to learn more about keyboard shortcuts.

over 4 years ago
Folder sharing

Folder sharing is now available. There are two options: the first is that you can share a folder and have people copy that folder. The second option is folder collaboration. With folder collaboration, any changes made to the folder will be reflected on everyone's copy. To share a folder, right-click the folder and select, "Share."

almost 5 years ago
Sorting the folder tree (left panel)

The ability to sort the folder tree in the left panel is now available in settings. You can change the default sort order to one of the following: Name, Date created, Custom, or the folders existing sort order.

almost 5 years ago
Large list view

Large list view is a new way to view your items. It is pretty much the same layout as list view but just bigger.

almost 5 years ago
Clear out duplicates

You can now clear out any bookmark duplicates with the duplicate resolver.

Click here to clear out any duplicates.

5 years ago
Finding dead links

Bookmark OS now gives you the option to ping bookmarks that you import to get their status. Imported bookmarks will be pinged for days to make sure they are actually down. After 2 days, you will receive an email with instructions on how to view any dead or not found links. Basically, tags will be applied to dead links which will make it super easy to go through them and clear them out.

5 years ago
Quick Access extension

A new extension is now available for Chrome and Firefox that will allow you to quickly access your bookmarks without navigating to the Bookmark OS website.

Click here to install the extension.