How to use Bookmark OS

Bookmark OS is meant to mimic your desktop and it works in similar ways. Don't hesitate to try an action that you would normally do on your computer such as drag and drop or selecting multiple items at once. If you have any other questions, send us an email at or use the feedback form by clicking 'Give feedback' in the nav in the top right if your logged in.

Add a new bookmark or folder

Press the + icon in the nav and select the item you would like to add:

Add bookmark

You can also right-click the background of the desktop for a context menu:

Context menu new

Edit a bookmark or folder

Right-click the bookmark or folder you would like to edit for a context menu and click 'Edit':

Edit bookmark

A popup with fields will appear. Update the appropriate fields and click 'Update bookmark' or 'Update folder' to save.

Delete a bookmark or folder

Right-click the bookmark or folder you would like to delete for a context menu and click 'Delete':

Delete bookmark

After you click 'Delete', a confirmation popup will appear asking, 'Are you sure you want to delete?' Click the red 'Delete' button in the bottom right of the popup to complete the deletion.

Open a bookmark or folder

There are two ways to open a bookmark or folder:

  1. Double-click the bookmark or folder to open it, just like opening a file or folder on your computer.
  2. Right-click the bookmark or folder to access it's context menu and click 'Open' or 'Open in new tab' (for bookmarks):

Open bookmark

Move a bookmark or folder

There are two ways to move a bookmark or folder:

  1. Click and drag a bookmark or folder into another folder. You can drag an item into folders in the folder tree on the left as well:

  2. The other way is to right-click a bookmark or folder and click 'Move.' A folder select menu will appear. Navigate to the destination and click 'Select.' Then click 'Confirm' to complete the move.

List view

'List view' allows you to view items in a more compact view with more information. 'List view' also shows 'Domain,' 'Date created,' and 'Tags.' You can toggle 'List view' by clicking the icon with 4 horizontal lines that is 4th from the left in the nav:

Toggle list view

List view

Customize list view columns

You can show/hide, re-order, and change the width of list view columns. To enter the list view customizer, click the gears icon. You can then click and drag the columns themselves to re-order. Click and drag the icons on the right to change width. Click the X in the top-right to exit.

Move multiple items at once

There are two ways to move multiple items at once:

  1. Click the desktop background and drag to select multiple items at once. Once multiple items are selected, they can be dragged:

  2. Click and drag select multiple items. Once multiple items are selected, right-click one of the selected items. A context menu will appear. Click 'Move items' from the context menu. You will then enter a folder select menu where you can choose the destination for the selected items:

  3. Move items

Select multiple items individually with the command key

Hold down the 'command' key while clicking items to add more to the current selected items. If you click an item that is already highlighted while holding 'command', it will de-select it.

Select a range of items using the shift key

To select a continuous range of items at once, click the first item to highlight it, then navigate to the last item you want highlighted and hold shift while you click it. This will select all items from the first to the last.

Undo moving of a bookmark or folder

After moving any number of items, a message with a yellow background will appear in the middle of the nav. This message has a link that says, 'undo.' Click this link to return the items to their previous positions:

Undo move

See what folder a bookmark is in

There are a number of ways to see what folder a bookmark is in. If you are in 'View all' or 'Search' you can right-click a bookmark and select, 'Open containing folder.' Once inside the containing folder (or any folder) you can also see the parent folders by clicking the folder icon at the top. This will give a list of the parent folders (picture 1 below). You can click on any of the folders to open them. You can also view any items parent folders by right-clicking and selecting 'Get info.' You will see the folder path in the 'Where' column (picture 2 below). You can click on these folders to open them as well.

Parent folders

Inside 'Get info':

Folder path

Delete multiple items

Click and drag select multiple items. Once multiple items are selected, right-click one of the selected items. A context menu will appear. Click 'Delete' and a confirmation popup will appear. Click 'Confirm' in the popup.

Delete multiple items


Just about any view that you are in can be sorted: folders, the desktop, search results and view all mode. You can sort by 'Name', 'Date created', 'Last opened', and 'Domain':


Custom sorting

Custom sorting allows you to customize the order of items by dragging them into the order you want. For example, you could keep your 'Read later' folder as the first folder on your desktop. To enable custom sorting, select 'Custom' from the sort dropdown and then click on the 'Move item' icon ( the one with two squares that appears to the right of the 'All' button). When custom sorting is enabled, you will be able to drag items into the positions you like. When you are done sorting, click the 'Move item' icon again to disable custom sorting.

Custom sort
Custom sort toggle


You can search your bookmarks using the input field in the upper right. Bookmark names, notes, and domains are all included as search parameters. The search uses prefix matching, so if you are searching for a bookmark named, 'Apple,' a search input of 'App' would match it. A search result of just the letter 'a' would match it as well. More info:

  • Search results can be sorted just like any folder.
  • Use the arrow navigation in the top left to navigate to and from search results.
  • Click the small 'x' in the search input to go back in navigation.
  • Items can be moved from search results into different folders.

View all mode

'View all' mode shows all your bookmarks in one view, allowing you to sort them. This is useful if you want to find that last bookmark you created but can't remember where or maybe you recently opened a bookmark but can't find it. You can toggle 'View all' mode and sort by 'Date created' or 'Last opened.' You can toggle 'View all' mode by clicking the button that is furthest right in the nav called, 'All.' To leave 'View all' mode, use the navigation arrows in the top left or click the 'All' button again to toggle it off and go back.

View all

Folder tree

The 'Folder tree' is the collection of folders located on the left side. The 'Folder tree' is useful for organizing your bookmarks as it allows you to drag items from any view into different folders. This allows for quick and precise organization. Here's some more info:

  • Click the triangle icons to the left of the folder icons to show the folders inside a target folder.
  • Folders in the 'Folder tree' can be opened with a double click on the folder icons.
  • The 'Folder tree' can be resized by clicking on it's right border and dragging.
  • The 'Folder tree' can be hidden by mousing over it and clicking the icon that appears in the top right:


Tags can be accessed by clicking the tag icon in the top left corner of the nav on the left. Tags act as filters and an active tag will filter any view that you are in. For example, you could enable a 'to read' tag, perform a search and it would only search bookmarks tagged with 'to read.' To view all bookmarks with a tag, you would click 'view all' and then activate the tag. Multiple tag filters can be activated at once and tags can be searched with auto-complete.


Time filters

Time filters can be accessed by clicking the clock icon in the top left corner of the nav on the left (to the right of the tag icon). Time filters behave similar to tags but instead will only show bookmarks that are created within a certain time period. For example, enable the, 'Last 24 hours' filter to only view bookmarks created within the last day. This is a useful way to remind yourself what you bookmarked recently or to ignore older bookmarks.

Add or remove tags from multiple bookmarks at once

You can add or remove tags from multiple bookmarks at the same time by highlighting the bookmarks, right-clicking, and selecting 'edit.' When you add or remove a tag, it will get applied to all the highlighted bookmarks.

Editing and deleting tags

You can edit and delete tags by right-clicking the tag itself. When you right-click, a context menu will appear. When you delete a tag, it will get removed from every bookmark.

Keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts allow you to quickly navigate Bookmark OS. You can do things like use the arrow keys to navigate items, open items, go forward/backward, and more! Click here to learn more.

Images and GIFs

Images and GIFs use live previews to give you a useful preview.


You can create individual notes which use a simple yet powerful text editor. This allows you to leverage the organization power of Bookmark OS for your notes and web clippings. To create a web clipping just highlight the part of a website you want to clip, copy it, and paste into a note.

Save bookmarks by email

You can create bookmarks by sending them to a private email address created in account settings. This makes it simple to save bookmarks on mobile by using the, "share url by email" feature on your phone. The email will look something like "" Do not share this with anyone. The format is the following:

The subject line is the name of the bookmark.

The url must be present in the body of the email and on it's own line (no text before or after).

Notes, tags, and desired folder are optional and can be set by typing the letter n, t, or f followed by a dash and the value. The keywords Notes, Tags, and Folder also work and case does not matter (F or folder will also work). Bookmarks will be saved to your desktop if no folder is specified.

For example, the following email will save a url named, "Best smoothie recipes" to a folder named, "recipes" with tags, "yummy, smoothies" and a note.

Subject: Best smoothie recipes
n - This is my short note.
t - yummy, smoothies
f - recipes

Saving tabs to a session folder

Let's say you have a bunch of tabs open that you want to group together and save. You can do this by saving all these tabs to a session folder. When you open a session folder, it will automatically open every bookmark inside into new tabs so you can restore your session of tabs. To create a session folder, click the "Save to Bookmark OS" browser extension button (in the upper right of your browser) and then click the "Save tabs" button in the bottom right.

You will then be able to remove individual tabs from the session:

Make folder a session folder

You can also turn an existing folder into a session folder. To do this, right-click the folder and select, "Edit" then click, "Make tab session folder" and then click, "Update folder."