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Bookmark OS is like Mac and Windows for bookmarks. It gives an intuitive and powerful interface for organizing your bookmarks.
A collaborative bookmark and content manager, because browser bookmarks just aren't good enough. Has a number of different layouts: list mode, Pinterest cards, and grid view.
Save your bookmarks in a visual card-based fashion similar to Pinterest. Has social sharing features built in.
Clipix is like a cross between a start page and Pinterest. The layout is very similar to Pinterest but you can bookmark more than just images.
Deskyo lets you save, import, classify, manage, access and find your bookmarks very quickly. It is meant to look like your desktop and has icons and folders.
ChannelKit is a way to organize your bookmarks, notes, images, and contacts in a visual card-like layout. You can create different "channels" which are like categories for better organization.
Klart is self-titled, "Bookmarking for Designers" and lets you save screenshots of any website and organize them as bigger cards in a grid with tags. is an open sourced bookmark manager that will let you save your bookmark info on the backup option of your choice. It is still in development.
Sqworl is a visual bookmark manager that uses screenshots as large icons in a grid. It is geared towards educators.
GGather is a bookmark manager with a great UI. It allows you to view your bookmarks as lists, grids, or Pinterest-like cards.
Openoox uses a card-like layout for managing your bookmarks and is available on desktop, mobile, and tablet.
Bookmax is an online bookmark manager that offers a list view and folder tree that is similar to Mac and Windows. is a bookmark manager that behaves as a single page app. It allows you to drag and drop, change icons, and sort your bookmarks.
Hypershoot captures full page screenshots of the web pages that user's bookmark and organizes them in a grid.
Dropmark is a visual way to organize links and is optimized for designers. It also has team collaboration features.
Moodboard is an open source visual bookmark manager. You can clone the repository on Github and host it on your own website.
Bookmarkme is another visual way to organize your bookmarks using a card-like manner. It also supports tags, collaboration, and reminders. is essentially a moodboard for bookmarks that supports tags and full text search.
Prism uses large web page screenshots as bookmarks and allows for users to collaborate.
Bublup allows you to save bookmarks, files, and notes in folders with pictures on them. Bublup also has folder sharing and collaboration.
Bkmark gives you a nice layout for organizing your bookmarks with multiple layout options.
Collect allows you to organize links and images visually into boards. Has sharing and collaboration.
Sends you a newsletter of links that you save so you can re-visit them. Stores them in a list-based fashion. Does not have features for organizing your saved links.
Freelink provides free pages of links (public or private with password protection) that you can use anytime from anywhere in the world.
Memosnag let's you organize your bookmarks in lists within different categories. You can save articles, text, and images and collaborate with others on collections.
Contentle let's you save web pages, videos, and text in a list based format. It also supports folders and allows for contextual communication.
Save for later is a basic link saver with not much design but it supports full text search.
Larder is a self-described bookmark manager for developers. It is similar to Github issues but for bookmarks and gives you tags.
Scrible is a bookmarking tool for educators. It allows you to annotate web pages and share.
Basket's strong suit is their app that uses a list-based layout. The site also provides a card-like based bookmark manager that supports categories, labels, and notes. is a simple bookmark manager that saves links into a list format. It also allows you to save urls by typing, "" in front of any URL.
The Evernote web clipper let's you save parts of a web page to Evernote where you can organize the clippings in a list-based UI with tags.
Diigo allows users to annotate and highlight web pages and organizes everything in a list-based format.
Linkpack gives you a way to save links and view them on your mobile app.
Crestify provides a list based user interface for viewing your bookmarks and supports tags and search.
BrainyTab is a browser extension that shows you info on Cognitive Biases along with your bookmarks in every new tab.
DoMarks is an iPhone app that turns your bookmarks into to-do tasks.
histre organizes bookmarks in a list like tree and allows for saving info such as notes and highlights.
Mission Control allows you to organzize your bookmarks and tasks together in every new tab.
Shaarli is a self-hosted bookmark manager that you can install on your own server. It is mainly list-based and has the option of image previews.
Boardist allows you to save different kinds of data such as bookmarks, files, and tasks in a Trello based layout.
Conifer is an open source bookmark archiving service that allows you to preserve web pages and the actions you took when viewing them.
klobie is mainly a bookmark manager but also supports notes and files.
Mailist sends you a newsletter of bookmarks that you bookmarked that week. You can also view all your bookmarks in a list view.
Simple and Smart way to organize all of your Favorite Bookmarks, RSS Feeds, Notes and To-do Lists in One Place. More of a start page such as or iGoogle.
Visual bookmark organizer on your browser's homepage. A Start page that is similar to having post it notes on your desktop.
Symbaloo is a start page that allows you to organize links in a gridded tile-like fashion. It allows you to choose an icon for the tile. These tiles can be re-arranged but there are no folders.
Cling has a layout that is similar to a start page but is slightly different in that the panels have lists of items. These items can also be notes, bookmarks, to-dos, and files.
This bookmark manager runs on the Nextcloud file backup provider which is similar to Dropbox but is self-hosted. The bookmark manager saves your bookmarks to your Nextcloud instance.
LinkEmu is a startpage based bookmark manager that also allows you to save to-do lists.
Lasso is a bookmark manager that let's you save bookmarks as cards similar to Pinterest. You can also change to different views such as grid and list and sort as well.
Clipping mini let's you save bookmarks as cards that have screenshots which let's you organize them visually.
Pearltrees is similar to other card based visual bookmark managers such as Clipping Mini and Lasso. It allows you to organize bookmarks in a grid with screenshots.
Organize your bookmarks on boards/cards that are similar to other visual based bookmark managers. This bookmark manager has one lever deep folders to help with organization.
Tuxio has a start page feel that has visual icons but also let's you add to-dos, files, and wikis as well.
Starpage is a traditional and fully featured start page with widgets. You can organize bookmarks along with widgets such as weather and news.
Bookmark Ninja has a start page type layout and allows you to add categories, drag and drop, and use different column layouts.
Atavi is a start page based bookmark manager that also has a search engine input which you can change to the search engine of your choice.
Curabase is a simple start page that is team oriented.
Bookmarkee organizes your bookmarks all on one page like other Start pages. is a mobile optimized bookmark page with a start page layout with categories. You can also add colors to the categories.
Homepage Ninja is a start page that uses small colored icons as bookmarks on a grid and allows for organizing with drag and drop. It also supports to-do lists.
Wibki is a start page that structures your links as panels in a grid using website logos. The site is also mobile optimized.
Draggo allows you to organize your bookmarks in blocks like other start pages and uses favicons for visual aid.
Skloog is a basic start page that organizes links as squares in a grid with site icons.
Papaly is a well designed start page that uses favicons as bookmark images.
MONKNOW is an easy-to-use start page for each new tab that shows bookmarks in a grid with logos.
Infinity new tab is a start page with circle like icons. It has a nice visual appeal and let's you choose your own search engine.
iCrumz offers a basic start page that uses web page favicons as icons.
History Search allows you to search through past websites and documents seamlessly by keyword and date range. As you browse websites, History Search will index the text of the website so you can find it later with a keyword search.
Fetching is a search based bookmark manager that builds a search index using the web pages you visit so that you can find a web page later with search.
Historious gives you full-text search for any web pages that you save and also gives you the option to save a cached version of the web page.
Zapmarks is an interesting way to access your bookmarks. It allows you to associate keywords with each bookmark and you can access them later by searching with these keywords.
Allows saving of bookmarks for long time, with a great ability to tag bookmarks, save links, retrieve links by searching and by tags. This bookmark manager is very similar to Pinboard. Very minimalist and fast.
A free utility where you can keep all of your "favorites", bookmarked web pages, and notes online. Create a "Friends List" and share your links exclusively with those members.
Pinboard is a simple tag based bookmark manager. It's appeal lies in its focus on speed and minimal design.
Tagpacker offers the ability to organize your bookmarks with tags and view your bookmarks in a list-based format.
LinkAce is a self-hosted bookmark manager with a list-based user interface. Other features include tags and notes.
linkding is a tag-based self-hosted bookmarking option. It most resembles Delicious and is not heavy on design. However, you can customize your own design if you would like.
Workona is a way to manage your tabs and create documents from apps that you use online. It has a lot of apps that it connects with and allows you to organize them all in one place.
Organize your links in columns and boards similar to Trello. Allows you to save many tabs at once. Saves your links locally and not in the cloud.
Freeze tab is an easy way to manage your sessions by letting you save all your current tabs at once.
Hitabs allows you to organize tabs for teams and supports drag and drop.
Cluster gives you a nice way to organize your tabs using lists and checkboxes. Has light and dark modes.
A read it later bookmark manager for iOS. Has many ways to save including web saving, email to save, text to save, and bookmarklet.
Wallabag is a read it later app for bookmarking articles and works on every device similar to Pocket.
Stash is a bookmark manager that automatically categorizes web pages that you save using artificial intelligence.
Pocket is an easy to use bookmarking site that is optimized for saving articles and reading them later on mobile devices.
Instapaper is an app that helps you read articles later by stripping out everything except the relevant text that you want to read.
A design focused image bookmark manager with collections for collaborating with other people. Has an iOS app.
Favim has inspiring images from the web and offers tags for filtering.
Pinterest is the most popular image bookmarking website and has powerful collaboration features.
Save bills itself as the platform for creative minds. It is essentially an image-based bookmark manager that displays your images as mood boards. It has mobile apps.
Trove is a privacy focused bookmark manager built on Blockstack, which is a de-centralized Blockchain. It is encrypted and provides a minimalist UI design.
A privacy based extension that allows you to annotate webpages and has full-page text search.
Turtl uses powerful cryptography to encrypt your bookmarks to make them more secure. The user interface is visual-based and resembles Pinterest.
Hush let's you save bookmarks from incognito mode in Chrome.
LinkLocker is a privacy focused bookmark manager that is completely private and has an API.
WebCull is a privacy focused way to organize your bookmarks that uses Stacks which are essentially folders in a list.
Syncs your browser bookmarks by saving them in the cloud. May be a bit dated.
Sync your bookmarks from any browser such as Firefox, Chrome, and Safari.
Inboard is an Mac app that allows you to organize screenshots, images and photos in an elegant way.
Stores all your bookmarks offline on your local hard drive and allows you to open them with any browser.
Buku is a powerful command line based bookmark manager that you install locally. There is also a server component that exposes a browsable front-end on a local web host server.
Zotero bills itself as your personal research assistant. It allows you to add citations and organize bookmarks in a list-based style.
Pins App is a downloadable bookmark manager that gives you bookmark previews, categories, notes and powerful search.
Stache provides you with a visual interface for bookmark management that includes screenshots. It also has full search and archiving functionality.
BookMacster is a downloadable app that has features such as tagging, sorting, and getting rid of duplicates.
Webbla is a application for Mac OS X that helps you organize your bookmarks in a visual way. It also has tags, collections, and notes.
LinkyCat is a downloadable bookmark manager that providers an interface that is similar to files and folders on your operating system.
LinkStash is a downloadable bookmark manager for windows that costs $24.95.
URL Manager Pro is a bookmark manager that resembles a file manager.
Voomark is a video based bookmark manager. It allows you to bookmark videos online and watch them later on your browser, Apple TV, iOS or Android devices is similar to wayback machine in that it preserves your bookmarks in case the website goes away. is a relic of the beginnings of the Internet. It was first created in 1997 and still lives on today.
Unmark is a combo bookmark manager and to-do list. It treats your bookmarks as to-do items and helps you manage them.
BibSonomy is a tag based way to manage scientific publications and bookmarks.
Bookmark It let's you create annotations on Youtube videos and sync specific Youtube video moments to any device.